Moira Quinn Leite, president and CEO of M. Quinn Designs, incorporates faith into each plan. One of the services she provides, Pack-N-Move, helps seniors make the best decisions for their future.

It can mean downsizing, packing and moving, or aging in place. The company handles all aspects of moving, including helping design the new space, coordinating the arrangement of utilities and setting up all the belongings at the new home. For those who choose to age in place, it means renovating and lighting work.

Those 65 and older are a growing population. According to the Administration on Aging website, that population numbered 46.2 million in 2014 and by 2060 there will be nearly 98 million.

Quinn Leite, a parishioner of Queen of Apostles Church in Alexandria, dedicated her business to Christ the King 15 years ago. She brings God into the decisions from the beginning.

“We prayerfully sit down with the family and see what’s best,” Quinn Leite said. “We ask the Lord to guide us on what should be done.”

The plan could be downsizing and relocating or remodeling the current residence to fit the clients’ needs. Quinn Leite and her husband, Michael, specialize in lighting for senior eyes for those who want to stay in their homes. They coordinate the installation of grab bars, stair lifts, elevators and ramps, as well.  

She believes the Lord has brought the right clients and staff to her business.

“There is no accident in the Lord’s work,” she said. “He brings the right people in.”

Elizabeth Said, a parishioner of Queen of Apostles, is a client who ended up becoming a friend. Said lost her husband in December 2015, the same day she scheduled her hip replacement surgery. While still dealing with the grief of losing her husband, Said went ahead with her hip surgery.

“It’s really a crisis when you become a widow,” said Said. She knew of Quinn Leite’s work and asked her for help selling a dining room set. After that, Quinn Leite talked with Said about helping her age in place. Working on the renovation and downsizing of her home helped Said combat her grief.

“I couldn’t wallow in loneliness, or feel so bad about giving away possessions. The house is rearranged to the kind of lifestyle I have now,” she said.

“I was amazed right away with her knowledge,” said Said. “The main project was the bathroom area, changing the tub to a shower and installing bars.” The project also included other interior and exterior work allowing Said to stay in her home. Quinn Leite helped transform the basement into a flexible space for a tenant. 

“She didn’t dominate my view point on things and was careful to see what my style is and incorporate my wishes,” Said said. “We became a team.”

One aspect of transitioning the elderly includes downsizing. Quinn Leite sees it as an opportunity to keep the memories and change their focus.

“Once we aren’t focused on stuff we can focus on the Lord,” she said.

Once a client is settled, Quinn Leite said they continue the relationship through design concierge services.

As she works on a master’s in theology from Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College in Alexandria, Quinn Leite integrates her religious foundation into her career.

She describes her business as a little company with a big mission.

“It’s beautiful to be able to faithfully work with a client and trust in the Lord for the right solutions,” she said. “The most important thing is the Lord is the marketing person. I’m His co-pilot in this business.”

Reprinted from: The Arlington Catholic Herald