Beautiful Accessibility ℠

When we start designing a residence for an aging resident, parent or family member, we ask: “what do they need”?  How we to make those items they need come together is different for every client. Through our experience clients having differing accessibility issues, we survey their needs, and design around their specific needs as well as general conditions that apply to most of our clients.

The Entry to your residence needs to be able to help you and others “Visit” your home. We call this the Visitabilty of the entry; it makes it welcoming and accessible.  Perhaps a ramped entry or an additional grab bar will help you into your residence.

Good Lighting to see transitions like the entry step area, stairway transitions and contrasting surfaces is important.

  • Place grab bars in bathrooms to allow your safety as you shower or bathe.  Many times multiple grab bars for more reach areas within your bath will be very helpful.  Remember in the construction process there is not just one way to do it
  • Consider a Lift chairs for your stairs.
  • Widening your existing doorways will allow you to walk in with a walker or, rollator.
  • Floor surfaces need to be considered for the appropriate use. Some locations should be carpet and others a hard surface based on accessibility need and abilities of individuals.

Beautiful Accessibility℠
Accessibility accommodations are customized to the specific need of our clients. While conforming to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), M. Quinn Designs tailors its designs and product selections to the individual capabilities of the user. At the same time, the installation is designed to fit into the aesthetics and overall ambiance of the room. An accessible space should not appear “institutional.” Many accommodations involve improved lighting, furniture and accessory placement, and material selections.

Evaluating the Aging Eye

As the eye ages, changes take place that reduce visual performance.  By paying careful attention to the selection, placement and aiming of light sources and the design of the visual environment, occupants can perform their daily routine comfortably and productively.

M. Quinn Designs’ lighting specialists evaluate the visual performance of the client, assess the current visual environment and recommend lighting changes to optimize the visual performance. Often the proposed changes are easily accomplished at reasonable cost and also improve the ambiance for individuals having normal vision.