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M.Quinn Deigns Senior Transition Process
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Services available for clients:

Where do I begin?

Consulting services

Lifestyle transition consulting

  • Evaluate aging in place vs moving to facility
  • Compare costs and lifestyle options
  • 35 years of Design, relocation, accessible design

Aging in Place

  • Design interiors with your specific physical needs for accessibility
  • Facilitate the installation of safe environments that have many of the following items: Grab bars, stair lifts, elevators, ramps, lighting for aging eye
  • Is the best place your existing home or a new home with your needs developed. (Berg)


Evaluating the Aging Eye

  • 40 plus years of designing physical environments that use interior and exterior light sources
  • Experts in the aging eye
  • Design a safe lighting environment for our clients with Macular and Glaucoma eye issues


  • Inventory- a log of what you are keeping, selling, donating, giving to family
  • Pack systems are based on “Bouncing vs Breaking”™
  • Full service move: Pack-Move-Unpack
  • Every PNM is a designed move-working in collaboration with professional interior designers
  • Gabriel tells the story – you’ll have your beds made, art hung, and refrigerator stocked
M. Quinn Designs is a full service design source specializing in Lifestyle Transitions, Senior Relocations, Accessibility and Downsizing. Every project starts with a thorough analysis of client needs based on over thirty years of experience in all aspects of space planning, design and construction. Emphasis is placed upon identifying and satisfying the customer’s expectations. Through its Pack-N-Move service, the M. Quinn Designs staff assesses the client’s existing situation and proposed new environment to determine how their current furnishings and accessories can be best utilized and how their personal effects can be efficiently and accessibly stored in the new space. They also identify any modifications to address individual accessibility needs. All aspects of the transition are handled to ensure that the client’s new space is “live-in ready” when he enters it.