My wife and I are extremely pleased to have worked with Moira of M. Quinn Designs as we transitioned my wife’s mother from independent living in her condominium to permanent residence at a nursing care facility.

Moira more than exceeded our expectations with her knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to the planning and the move, her attention to details, her efficiency and her demonstrated compassion and deep caring manner at a difficult and challenging time for our family.

Moira is truly a visionary, bringing support, a methodical design and layout approach and just the right level of comforting and support needed. She has unique and practical approaches to lighting, layout and design that make a space efficient, functional and attractive for the occupants.

She has thought carefully about both the utility and functional features of a space in ways that I have never seen before. Paying careful attention to the wants and needs of people at all ages, including as they age, Moira has mastered the ability to choose products, furniture placement and lighting in a way that provides for a safe and functional environment where the furnishings and all items are placed to provide support for an elderly person as they walk and move around, and to position items so as to minimize long reaches or the need for awkward transitions or unsafe motions.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have met and worked with such a capable and creative designer who treats aesthetics and functionality as equal partners in a design.

We are already planning our next project with Moira, and we look forward to working with her on many future projects as well, taking comfort in knowing that our project will be planned and executed flawlessly at the hands of Moira Quinn, an accomplished design professional who produces results that are nothing short of astounding.