Downsizing Service Testimonials

The experience with Pack-N-Move™ was excellent.  The process of downsizing to a smaller apartment was handled very efficiently including wrapping, packing and moving furnishings to storage, to charities and to my granddaughter’s house. Then placement of furnishings in new apt! 

Mrs. Ida Mary B.

– Vinson Hall Retirement Community, McLean, VA

My Pack-N-Move™ experience was excellent.  It saved my back which had fared badly in a previous move.  The best part though was having such delightful women as packers!  And everything came through unscathed.   

Mrs. Ann D.

– McLean, VA

Quinn Designs services are very good. I did not use Pack-N-Move™ to move into Vinson Hall, but I was very satisfied in help with picture and furniture placement, and other advice in helping me to settle in.

Mrs. Marie L.

– Vinson Hall

Quinn Designs Pack-N-Move™ experience was excellent. I greatly appreciated the attention to detail: bed made, TV unpacked and set up! Even a coffee cup for pens and pencils in it on my side table!  The experience was so good I have no suggestions for improving it.

Mrs. Loree P.

– Vinson Hall

We could never have moved and imagined that, in one year, you would sort, organize, stage our home, sell it in 24 hours, and make our new home the most wonderful place to live – even to the elevator and the beautiful accessible home we now have.  Thank you very much. 

Mr. and Mrs. B

Fairfax, VA

The entire experience was very good.  Using Pack N Move™ greatly reduced confusion associated with such a move and life change.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D.

– Vinson Hall Retirement Community, McLean, VA

The moving experience was an excellent one, tremendous help, smooth operation, quick and efficient, pleasant staff.  I have no suggestions for improving the pack and move experience, none are necessary.

(Name withheld by request)

- Arlington, VA

Thank you for helping me realize that I can live in a one-bedroom apartment and enjoy it!  The move and all your help make it possible for me

Mrs. B

McLean, VA

Thank you so much for making my mother’s move so easy.  Your dependability, efficiency, understanding and kindness during a difficult time were greatly appreciated.


McLean, VA

I did not use Moira Leite at M. Quinn Designs for my move.  However, her many suggestions for lighting and adjusting to Vinson Hall have been quite helpful.  Moira was extremely helpful in choosing the proper lighting fixtures and light spectrum.  Moira’s suggestions have been extremely helpful to me.  Without her help, I would not be able to see in my bath.

Mrs. Dolores L.

– Vinson Hall

The Pack N Move™ experience was very good.  M. Quinn Designs did ALL of the moving to my apartment.  It was accomplished quickly.  All furnishings were placed to my satisfaction.

Mr. Robert K.

– Vinson Hall (President Residents Association and Board Member Vinson Hall Corp.)

I first met and began to know Moira Leite after I had moved to Vinson Hall from out of state.  I know she would have made my life far, far easier and the move less frustrating and troublesome.  Her professionalism and capabilities are unequaled and she is a delight to know.  She has helped me in so many ways since.  Also, the people she has working for her are always courteous and capable.

Mrs. Edna C.

– Vinson Hall Retirement Community, McLean, VA

The experience was excellent.  I appreciated the personal attention and helpful suggestions that facilitated the move.  I was also thankful for cooperation when changes had to be made.  I will certainly recommend your services to my children when they ultimately will need to move my things. 

Mrs. Marjorie S.

– Vinson Hall Retirement Community, McLean, VA

I have not yet needed the services offered by with Pack N Move™ or home modification services provided by Moira Leite at M. Quinn Designs.  I do however have several good friends here who have, and they all have been very pleased with her work.  

Mrs. Geneva S.

– Vinson Hall